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Financial advisor to client and lawyer

Marital Dissolution

When parties go through a marital dissolution, there are numerous financial issues to address and consider. Your financial expert should be able to evaluate and advice you and your legal counsel on numerous financial matters, which may includes the following:

  • Valuing a business and preparing a report that is in compliance with professional standards;

  • Calculating maintenance and child support in accordance with the Colorado Statutes;

  • Tracing assets and being able to prepare an expert report and testify in court as to the marital component of such assets over the period of the marriage in accordance with the Colorado Statute and case law;

  • Evaluating potential financial settlements;

  • Assisting as a consulting or expert;

  • Preparing an expert report;

  • Preparing a rebuttal report;

  • Testifying in court; and,

  • Acting as a joint expert.

Going through a marital dissolution is a difficult time emotionally and financially.  We understand that and are there to assist you and your legal counsel to understand the financial matters.

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